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I’ve known how to breathe all my life,
at least that’s what I’ve been told.
No one taught me
no one showed me how
I just opened my mouth and
breathe in,
breathe out.

If I never had to learn how to live
why does it sometimes feel
so goddamn hard to fill my lungs
and let go of everything
like I’ve been born to do?
Why did no one tell me about the earth
and how it lives too,
about how when I press my ear to the dirt
I can hear it wheezing and
crying all at once?
Someone once told me that,
someone once said that the Earth is alive
and it inhales children’s footsteps
and exhales the trees whispers
and sighs the soft sounds of love.

Someone once told me that.

Now that they’re gone it’s as if
the trembling of the ground has
ceased and my lungs suddenly
just squeeze
and everything that I’ve known
has left
and now, it’s a struggle to breathe.

As a child I didn’t know how hard my lungs worked
I didn’t know what they had to do,
I didn’t know about the blood that pumped,
all I knew was that if I held my breath
my face would turn blue.

Now you spend your time thinking about
where you went wrong,
I know you do.
When did my feet start tripping
when did my lips start to crack
when did the whites of my eyes
start to roll back

Snapping and snipping and sliding and slipping,
starting to snatch on to anything I can snag
Sighing when the scavenging shackles me to souls,
realizing it’s all just pointless.

When you realize your heart is just an organ
you’ll stop tormenting yourself with thoughts
of it breaking and cracking,
when you realize his name is just a word you’ll
start to see straight
When you realize that breathing doesn’t mean living,
you’ll start to feel sane.
This is actually a spoken word poem so I really think the impact comes from my performance... but oh well this will do I guess.

I wrote this for my creative writing class and for some reason nearly started crying when I read in front of class. I feel like that might've added to the emotional impact so I guess I'm okay with it, and I'm actually really proud of this so I super hope you like it.

(c) me

(written the day after it was due at about 11:30. Took me about 45 minutes.)
AmericanLass Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
I don't think you have to read this out loud to have the impact there. It's definitely still there just reading it in my head! You've been a great writer since I first read your work, but I feel like you've really improved in your most recent pieces. I don't know if that's just you improving as a writer or if it's because you've been posting more poetry than stories, but the voice just seems a whole lot stronger in the new things you're posting. Keep it up!

I think it's safe to say you're one of my favorite poetry writers on here. Don't let that skill run away! :)
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November 18, 2014


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